We get involved with our clients
as part of the team in a way that stretches far beyond the fundamentals of property management.


Working from conception to completion is part
of our very special 'end-to-end' capability.
Here is a quick-step guide to how we deliver this unique process.

We’re happy to be brought into a project at any stage, but we are often able to add most value when we are involved as part of the professional team right from the start.

Our BTR Project Team undertakes market research including local demographics as well as supply and demand analysis. We are also well versed in the financial modelling required for development appraisals including the process of forecasting gross to net calculations. Our approach has been to develop an end-to-end capability so LIV becomes an integral part of the delivery team from the outset right through to building completion and implementation of the BTR operating model.

We also have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of institutional investors looking to deploy capital into this sector and enjoy close working relationships at director and fund manager level with many of the leading funds.

Quite simply, our involvement and capability goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of traditional property management. It’s about creating a sense of partnership and support where we live and breathe the projects as they come to life.

  1. The LIV Service

    We’re a team of BTR specialists with a
    unique mix of skills
    and expertise.

    Here is a guide to our end-to-end process

  2. Project Appraisal

    Demographic analysis

    We use a variety of analytical tools as well as ‘on the ground’ local research to assess tenant profiles including income data, which help us to determine the target market and rent levels for a development

    Supply and demand

    To demonstrate the investment case, we review existing market supply at a granular level and weigh this against data including research from local agents together with economic analysis such as forecast employment growth that will drive demand for private rental

    Competitor analysis

    We review existing rental product and produce a detailed analysis of buildings, which directly compete within the target market paying particular attention to those, which provide the closest comparable evidence

    Gross to net return forecast

    We take account of the closest existing rent levels and overlay key assumptions to arrive at a forecast rental income, which we are confident can be achieved and which we can support with key stakeholders. Our experienced team also produces a schedule of operating costs for the building as a whole, which allows us to analyse the gross to net return.

    Development appraisal

    We can work alongside key stakeholders to produce full development appraisals for institutional and private equity investment analysis

  3. Construction Phase

    Project and design consultancy

    We frequently work alongside architects to consider the most appropriate unit layout and configuration for BTR buildings. We understand plans and help to create the right living environments for the target market. We also advise on key aspects of the building, which impact on management efficiencies and therefore operating cost.

    Amenity spaces

    BTR buildings generally have some amenity space and for larger sites this might be significant. We can play a significant role in ensuring the right use of space and minimising operating cost

    Internal Specification

    Our advice includes working alongside the design and construction team to ensure the building specification meets the level required in every respect from kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and general interiors as well as amenity areas. We also have our own furnishing team so we can provide the right solutions to ensure each building has the correct ‘look and feel’ and that products have a robust lifecycle.


    We can work alongside other professional advisors to consider all aspects of lifecycle costing.

    Build bespoke operating model

    We consider every element of building management and operations based on the requirements of a particular site including the staffing model, IT infrastructure and facilities management. During the construction period and prior to completion, we will design a bespoke operating model for each building.

  4. Pre-Launch

    Operational Manual

    In line with the agreed operating model, our team will develop a full operational manual in readiness for launch and we will kick start implementation of all key processes including onsite staff  recruitment, training and IT infrastructure including back office systems and customer service delivery


    We understand the importance of marketing and can help to develop a focussed brand for the development. This will also include the development of a bespoke website for your building including the tenant portal and app.

    Lettings marketing plan

    We manage every element of the building launch from preparing the show flat, creating all marketing collateral and developing promotional campaigns to the direction of the local PR strategy. We want your building to stand out from the crowd.

    Customer journey

    We will develop the customer journey from initial enquiry through to move-in with the objective of creating a superb customer service experience

  5. Post-completion

    Management Operations

    Once the building is up and running, we will manage all day-to-day operations with the onsite and back office teams in place. See here how we deliver fully integrated services.

    Lease-Up and Stabilisation

    We will agree with you in advance our forecast for the period it will take to gain full occupancy and stabilise income within the building. Our specialist lettings team will focus on achieving maximum occupancy within the shortest possible timescale.

    Customer Experience

    We will design the customer (tenant) journey in the pre-launch phase and we will now be seeing this work at a practical level. We will seek feedback from our onsite and offsite teams as well as of course our tenants! Regular customer surveys will be undertaken at different stages of the process so we can assess how the building and service lives up to expectations. We will learn and adapt in every case.

  6. Long-term Delivery

    Management Partner

    We will become a key delivery partner providing a fully integrated management operation working with you to continually improve the building environment and service levels to maintain a competitive edge.


    We will maintain a focus on maximising occupancy levels at all times to ensure we are meeting this key performance indicator

    IT development

    Smart technology is fundamentally what will provide an edge for the buildings we are operating and we have a commitment to ongoing IT development, which may also include extending the range of services and offers available to tenants

    Operational expenditure controls

    We are highly experienced in managing expenditure budgets for residential buildings and we will maintain keen controls on operational expenditure

    Bespoke Reporting

    A key part of our role is to create a full suite of reports, which provide detailed financial analysis, data capture and analysis of all key performance indicators


To find out more about working with LIV Consult speak to our Director of BTR Consultancy - Europe
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